Chapter History

We are so fortunate here at Baker University to have such a special bond with the history of Delta Delta Delta. Baker University was the first University in Kansas and the eleventh established chapter of Tri Delta. 

On the afternoon of March 12, 1895 twenty-one girls became initiated members of the first national fraternal organization to be installed on Baker Universities campus. However they had no chapter house or chapter room. The initiation was held in the home of Dora Marham, with nine girls chosen to be the Founders: Mame Murray, Mary Ives, Dora Markham, Edna Wolfe, Grace Breyfogle, Ethel Caveness, Georgina Reed, Josephine Hilty and Mary Follin. The rest of the twelve included : Ella Nixon, Ella Follin, Mary Hand, Nora Ames, Lydia Sain, Jane Sain, Lucy Fisher, Jula Cuadry, Leda Coppock, Lillie Hunsicher, Estelle Dearborn, and Nira Dean.

The first chapter meetings were held in girls rooms until their first house was built in 1907 at 619 Ninth St. This was the first Tri Delta chapter house built in Kansas. The second house was built in 1913 at 506 Ninth St., and in 1940 it underwent renovations. Finally, in 1966 the chapter had grown and moved to its current home on 816 Fremont St.

Baker University has had such a rich history of providing opportunities for students and Greek life is one of them. The Lambda chapter of Delta Delta Delta has produced many successful women who have greatly contributed to the well being of not only Baker University, but the nation.

Our chapter house is incredibly unique. Our chapter door is actually the door from our original house built in 1907. We also have new member mailboxes that are made from the wood of the original house. In our formal room we have our original charter (signed by Sarah Ida Shaw!), and a banner from the first national convention! We feel so lucky to have such a rich history with Delta Delta Delta, and we hope to cherish the history of the house, but also the memories we get to make in this house.

1914 Lambda Chapter

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