Sorority members at Baker are proud to say they hold the highest GPA on campus. BU's overall GPA is an average of 3.13, the female population GPA is 3.28, and the sorority GPA is 3.38

Our members are responsible for keeping up with their grades, and must meet certain grade requirements to be considered for membership and hold an office. We have a study room equipped with professor-approved tests and old notes that members are able to use for some extra help or guidance. We also have study hours each week members keep track of to make sure they're staying on top of their work.

Nearly every major is represented in our house, so there's alway an upperclassmen to ask for help, or a sister to sit next to in class. Our most popular majors are currently: Exercise Science, Elementary Education and Public Relations.

The Tri Delta foundation offers different scholarships and grants to members who may need financial support, and these can be found at

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