Tri Delta

Lambda Chapter at Baker University

Our House

Our chapter is pretty proud of our home. Delta Delta Delta was installed at Baker University in 1895, and shortly after we were the first Tri Delta to ever have a house! The current house is not the original house, but we like it just the same.

In the summer of 2015, our formal room was completely redone. We're so happy with the new look, and it really makes our house look incredible!

Other than that important bit of history, we have some unique features around the house. In the bathrooms, our chapter focuses on going green by using hand towels, rather than disposable paper towels. We also keep a sick room, so our sick sisters have somewhere nice to go and don’t get the rest of the house sick.

On the new hall, one suite has a walk in closet and typically goes to the senior with the highest grades. That incentive is enough to keep everyone motivated academically!

Heading downstairs, our chapter hosts a study room with professor approved study files, workout facility (no other Baker sorority has one), and chapter room. All of the girls find the chapter room to be very special not only because of its purpose, but also the door. The door hiding the room is from the original Tri Delta house, and has three deltas cut into it.  Only initiated Tri Deltas are allowed in the chapter room, and it's always an exciting time when our new member class sees the room for the first time.