Chapter Philanthropy and Service

Last year our campus raised more than $12,000 for St. Jude, and this year we hope to raise even more! 

We hold events such as DHOP (Delta House of Pancakes) and Delta Diner, and we invite the whole campus to join us for an all-you-can-eat meal! This year we plan on having more campus wide fundraising opportunities to grow our donations to St. Jude!

We also participate in Sincerely Yours, a letter writing event where each member writes 50 letters to family and friends asking them to donate to St. Jude. It's our biggest fundraiser each year, and we hope it's as successful this year as it has been in the past!



Philanthropy Day 2014 Fall RecruitmentVisit from out St. Jude Patient Family   Delta Diner 2015St. Jude Toy Drive 2015

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